eHearings Technology Revolutionising the Legal System

eHearings Technology Revolutionising the Legal System

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  • Posted on 3 June 2019

A wave of new technologies is now available which can revolutionise the way the legal system works. Here are some of the numerous benefits:

Benefits for Document Management

Firstly, it is possible to access the latest document version at any time and anywhere. A cloud-based database can store and group an entire hearing book digitally, and design the workspace to specification, including creating user groups with different accessibility to secure evidence.

Team members can also review, annotate and comment 24/7 using a cloud-based system shared in real time to all team members.

It’s now also possible to create and order a trial bundle with an automatically created index, without an internet connection. 

Documents in an eHearings system are searchable on multiple criteria, including words or phrases and metadata, in contrast to traditional searches which needed the name or date of a file.

Benefits in Witness Management

Not all witnesses have the ability to appear in person. We can assist with1 Video Conferencing to all parties no matter the location and requirement.

Often, witnesses in court have experienced trauma. An eHearing set-up can allow witnesses to testify from somewhere they feel comfortable.

Benefits for Evidence Presentation

An eHearing operator can retrieve and display documents on monitors in seconds for everyone to view simultaneously.

Transcript services allow everyone to keep track of every word said during proceedings and review them later. Software is installed on devices, accessed via login credentials and is managed by specialised on-site staff.

Hyperlinked indices can be prepared in a hearing book to specification that allows everyone to quickly find documents and their metadata.

A digital jury book simplifies evidence management. Ensuring that the jury only sees evidence alongside contextualisation by counsel and don’t draw premature conclusions, and having juries move easily between documents in the confined jury box are no longer issues.

Making Hearings Truly Public

Not everyone is able to physically attend public proceedings due to location, work, mobility and transport. This may limit the transparency of proceedings. Web-casting technology removes these barriers.

eHearings can reduce costs, increase efficiency and give everyone more time to focus on the content of the case and the technology is available today.

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