Law In Order ePrint App: A New Approach

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  • Posted on 1 July 2021

Our Innovation Lab has developed a new, innovative ePrint application that provides additional efficiency for all our client’s print jobs. This streamlining means we can provide greater value to our clients on any size printing project.

“Completing printing for clients is often about handling complex jobs efficiently, giving them more time to focus on their core business. For example, clients may have an intricate job that includes data in various file types such as text in emails, photos, office documents, drawings, pdfs etc. This data may require de-duplication, pagination and printing in a specific order such as chronological or index order. The ePrint app makes it faster to deliver the job as per the clients' requirements,” said Murali Baddula, Law In Order’s Head of Innovation.

Our ePrint app has replaced the old, clunky, time-consuming way of document processing and rendering to pdf. The speed of processing and printing has been significantly accelerated, saving time on all print projects.

We use a customised set of technology to create automated workflows that simplify our print operations and support clients more effectively.

Clients can access a library of proprietary workflows specially designed by our Innovation Lab, Technology Experts and business users to make their print projects more efficient. 

For our clients’ convenience, the ePrint app can use either an internal software platform or cloud licenses and is easy to both install and use anywhere.

The app also removes some of the usual annoyances of processing data, such as email signature logos appearing as a separate file.

Most importantly, the ePrint app improves the quality of output via enhanced quality checks while also converting client’s data to printable form more quickly.

“The faster we can process and print with the highest quality, the sooner our clients can start reviewing and making decisions to achieve winning outcomes,” said Kathleen Drown, Head of Operations at Law In Order.

Once a clients’ data is processed by the app, our expert print services can convert data into organised hard copy material in a seamless process for even the most complicated print jobs. We have the experience, expertise and tools to complete print jobs of any size – no job is too big or too small.

We’re legal document production specialists, here when you need us most. We can support your team 24/7, 365 days of the year. We have the expertise to ensure your print projects are done right every time.

Our specialisation in both traditional and modern technology-based services means we are a highly effective single-source provider for even the most complex of matters. 

For more information, contact our team.


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