How Technology Supports eArbitration in a Changing Global Environment

How Technology Supports eArbitration in a Changing Global Environment

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  • Posted on 31 August 2018

By Faraz Khan, Global eTrial Solutions Manager

Law In Order has observed a number of trends and changes in the arbitration space over the past few years. We have seen a growing reliance on technology to assist in conducting arbitrations, as arbitrations become globally more acceptable and enforceable in many jurisdictions worldwide.

There has been a notable growth in dispute resolution practices in law firms with global footprints. Firms are increasingly tapping into partners or associates who are experts in their area of law. For example, it is quite common for a partner specialising in mining located in a London office to be assisting the firm’s Singapore team on a matter being heard in Hong Kong.

We have also seen emerging venues like the ones in Dubai, Qatar or Mumbai tout for more international attention, with rapidly developing local laws making these venues more desirable.

Our job at Law In Order is to assist law firms achieve winning outcomes. The main advantage we offer clients is that we provide solutions that assist parties in conducting arbitrations more efficiently and cost effectively. We tap into our skilled resources located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and India to provide continued support around the clock.

When conducting an eArbitration, there are three broad areas where technology can assist:

Evidence Management

We provide secure online platforms to view, share, annotate and collaborate on documents for a team that could be located in different offices globally. The solution also makes documents available to the arbitrators via an internet browser from anywhere in the world.  

Evidence Presentation

Our evidence presentation solution is hosted locally in the hearing room and does not rely on the internet, making the high definition system extremely quick to bring up documents in the hearing where time is precious.

Real Time Transcripts

One of the benefits of using Law In Order's transcript solution is that the real-time transcript is available in the same web based platform which also stores evidence, submissions, witness statements and expert reports for the arbitration, providing one platform where parties can access all documents and transcripts.

Keeping up with market trends, we have built teams of project managers, consultants, real-time transcribers and technical resources who can travel to the venue of the arbitration to set up hearing rooms and assist parties throughout the hearings.

We can also assist in organising venues and conducting prior tests with witnesses to give evidence remotely via video conference. The evidence presentation solution can be integrated into video conference for the remote witness to see documents presented in the hearing room.

If a party requires, we can also assign exclusive consultants, who can work with them as part of their team to manage evidence database or assist with any matters related to technology in the hearing room.

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