Law In Order is now a provider of virtual proceedings to LONDAP

We are pleased to announce that Law In Order is a provider of virtual proceedings solutions to the UK Centre of London Delos Arbitration Point (LONDAP), a full-service offering for arbitration hearings internationally, with best-in-class services.

LONDAP is a provider of fully virtual hearings, conventional in-person hearings or a combination of the two. Clients can use standalone components or package solutions, depending on their needs, from anywhere in the world.

For fully virtual hearings, LONDAP provide a cloud-based comprehensive audio/video-conferencing solution, including secure break-out rooms, virtual venue locking, private chat functionality and screen-sharing. The services includes accompanying clients on setup, testing and managing the virtual hearing venue during the hearing. An operator is available to avoid the hearing participants getting distracted by the technology and to troubleshoot any issues.

For conventional in-person hearings, LONDAP offers hearing premises in all major arbitration hubs around the world. Offering the best, most conveniently located facilities that can be customised to specific arbitration requirements.

Bookings are simple. Clients can make a single booking and LONDAP manages everything from there. LONDAP is also very flexible, so if requirements change, LONDAP adapts easily to the new requests.

LONDAP is supported by a Design Committee chaired by Gary Born and Anneliese Day QC, and composed of leading members of the international arbitration community. Particular attention was given to ensuring that the Committee would be representative of the different arbitration hubs from around the world, the different areas of practice, the different cultures of advocacy and the different generations of the IA community.

Their Thought Leadership Committee has been focused on providing pragmatic, innovative solutions to support the international arbitration community, and in thought leadership on the issues raised by the pandemic.

In March 2020, they published a checklist on holding arbitration and mediation hearings in times of COVID-19.

For more resources including webinars, click here.

To find out more about LONDAP, visit their website.



Law In Order joins NZ LegalTechHub

Law In Order joins the go to resource for Legal Tech in New Zealand. 

Discover resources and legal tech solutions to help you innovate and improve the way you deliver legal services now and into the future.

For more information, visit NZ LegalTechHub's website.



Law In Order and ALTA: Investing in the Future of Law

Law In Order has become a founding partner of the new Australian Legal Technology Association (ALTA), as part of its strategy to invest in the future of law.

ALTA provides a community to Australian legal technology companies for information sharing, collaboration and building the presence of Australian legal technology on the global stage. Its mission is to foster Australian legal technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

To date, the focus at ALTA has been on collaboration, shared learning, cross referrals, corporate tax structures, raising funds, building a presence in offshore markets, tools for managing software development, marketing strategies and much more.

ALTA runs ‘demo days’ around Australia showcasing how Australian legal technology is changing the future of law. Leading providers conduct rapid fire demonstrations followed by a question and answer session. Other events include member meet-ups for providers to swap ideas and information. 

For more information on ALTA visit their website.