Tayla_Rhodes_Circle_Apr21-(1).jpgOperations Manager - Victoria

Something that we don't know about you.

Tayla has played AFL for 15 years and represented Victoria for three years during this time. The first bounce in the national women’s league only occurred in 2017, so Tayla has been part of an essential generation of women AFL participants that played the sport against a backdrop of a comparative dearth of skill development opportunities. Her generation of players have been role models for the women coming up through the ranks now, who have the opportunity to play professionally for the first time.

What you like doing in your spare time.

Tayla enjoys spending her spare time with her family and friends. Her favourite pastimes include camping trips and day trips. When at home, Tayla enjoys watching movies and sport – especially AFL!

Favourite holiday destination and what you like about it.

Tayla’s favourite holiday destination is the Maldives. The Maldives is a small collection of islands in South Asia, situated southwest of Sri Lanka and India. It’s known as a tropical paradise with pure white sandy beaches and crystal blue lagoons. She particularly loves the clear water and snorkelling out the front of the private bungalows which are built over the water on stilts. According to Tayla, the best things about the Maldives is that it is very relaxing and the beautiful people.

What do you like about working at Law In Order?

Tayla likes the friendly, positive and ‘can-do’ culture of Law In Order. She appreciates the work-life balance Law In Order offers that allows her to achieve harmony in her work and personal life. One thing that is particularly important to Tayla is her ‘amazing’ colleagues and managers, who work collaboratively to get the job done but are also fun to work with. She likes having a job where every day is a different day with constant variety in what she is doing.