Jess_Hawkes_Circle_Resized_441-(2).jpgClient Relationship Manager - Queensland

What’s your favourite thing about working at Law In Order? 

Loving talking and being surrounded by people, it is working with a great team and getting out to meet all of our clients – you learn new things, can give information to help and have a laugh. 

What do you do at Law In Order and in what circumstances would I come to you for something? 

I am a Business Development Manager in the Brisbane office at Law In Order.  I always say to clients, that if they get stuck in a pickle with either too many documents or not enough time, to come to me and we will have a solution.  My day to day varies bur primarily it is attending meetings and putting together documentation on our services for clients. 

What is one thing that others may not know about what Law In Order do? 

That we aren’t the tv show!  But also, we are available 24/7 – so that means that anything last minute, too large for your team, or if someone is sick,  can be sent to us at any time of the day to be ready when you need it. 

What is your favourite service that we offer to clients? 

eBriefs and electronic list of documents – having been a secretary in a law firm before I have had many a year of experience with these.  Our operation team have tools that can do this quickly and accurately – that I could have only dreamed of!  Starting from scanning, naming documents, creating lists, and hyperlinking – anything that’s needed, they can do.  It’s great!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am very artistic and have just started official training with painting classes. When travel restrictions are lifted, I want to travel everywhere, but top of my list is Switzerland.